We’re pushing sound culture to the next stage of human evolution.

We fund, build and accelerate sound businesses that are trying to make the world a better sounding place. Along the way, we’re trying to invent new, more human and honest ways to run and manage companies.

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Giving sound its place in the sun.

We believe a better-sounding world is a better world — period. And we think there’s no better way to get there than to offer an incentive for people to build it. That’s why we’re investing in sound-related projects and companies that envision that kind of a world.

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A self organized sound supersystem.

We are a self organized network of sound-related companies built to tackle a hyperconnected, uncertain and rapidly changing world.

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One big family of companies sharing a common goal.

What does a company trying to improve acoustics in hospitals and schools, a small team searching for ways to let musicians express themselves better and a start-up exploring new ways to use voice as the interface of the future have in common? They all sit at the Echo1 table.

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Come make some waves.

If building a better-sounding world sounds like your kind of thing, we want you to join in on the conversation. We have a lively community on Slack, where everyone discusses ideas on how to improve the world through acoustics. Yours could help make a real difference.

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