A family of companies sharing a vision.

Echo1 is a group of companies and different teams working towards a common goal. We’re constantly on the lookout for new and interesting projects to join our roster through SCALE, our Sound Culture Accelerator.


A star-studded lineup.

We’re founders and funders and we work with companies, individuals, governments and non-profits. Our portfolio is made up of a healthy mix of fully grown businesses, start-ups, side-projects and initiatives. We call them movements, for short. Here are some of them:


Sound Culture Accelerator.

Echo1 is all about giving good ideas a chance. So we’ve built SCALE, an accelerator that turns ideas into profitable businesses, improving the world along the way.

How it works

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Accelerator funding

Funding is based on market rate internship salaries for a 3-month period. Echo1 matches salaries 1-to-1 and provides up to $25,000 in accelerator funding.




We'll match 3 to 4 outside collaborators with 1 to 2 Echo1 partners, who will provide assistance along the way.



Prototype & Market Test

A prototype will be built and tested within 3 months. If it proves successful, it advances to the next stage, otherwise it is scraped and Echo1 will assess the possibility of hiring the project's interns.



Equity Distribution

Echo1 provides an option for interns and partners to buy equity up to 80% of the project. If over 50% of equity is acquired, the project moves on to the next stage, otherwise it remains an Echo1 business.




Matured and sustainable projects will be run as a separate legal entity, and should seek additional funding if needed. Echo1 will provide coaching and access to a network of service providers at discounted rates.

Do not lose out on great ideas and a networking opportunity with other like-minded people.

Think your idea could help change the world for the better? Tell us what you need to make it happen, and we’ll help you get there.

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