Building a self-organized sound supersystem.

The Echo1 principles & practices is the secret martial arts manual of every one of our companies. Our vision for a better company is one that is transparent, diverse and holacratic, in which there are no power structures or hierarchies, and where every partner is valued equally. We believe in open data and open financials, and we think everyone should have a say in how time and money are shared and invested.


Four principles, no rules.

At Echo1 there are no titles or hierarchies. Everyone has the exact same opportunities to impact the growth and evolution of the organisation in equal parts, and it’s up to the group to collectively decide on where to head next, and how to self-organise. There are no rules, but we try to guide all of our decisions by four core principles:


A framework for business that’s better for our lives.

When it comes down to business, we look for smart ways to do things. So we’ve developed, and are constantly improving, a twelve-step program to help shape the future of our businesses.

Self Organization Framework - Holacracy
Self Organization Framework - Holacracy
Self Organization Framework - Holacracy
Self Organization Framework - Holacracy
Self Organization Framework - Holacracy
Self Organization Framework - Holacracy
Self Organization Framework - Holacracy
Self Organization Framework - Holacracy
Self Organization Framework - Holacracy
Self Organization Framework - Holacracy

Self Organization Framework - Holacracy

In traditional hierarchies, layers of management establish how products are approved and monitored. Echo1's approach is different and based on Holacracy, where the power traditionally reserved for executives and managers is equally spread across all employees.



We believe collaboration is the best way to navigate our complex rapidly changing world. Collaboration allows us to come together as a multi-sensory/multi-skilled force that is able to tackle problems beyond our individual limits. We leverage Collaborative Human Intelligence (CHI) that is multiple times more powerful than the current best artificial intelligence. Our people are free to choose the whole spectrum of collaboration modes from “tribal” style discussion sessions to formalized Design Thinking methodologies.


Lean Experimentation

A culture of experimentation is supported across Echo1. Our people often sense problems and opportunities they are passionate to solve or pursue. They are free to solve or pursue these any time they want. We encourage the adoption of techniques/ideas from Lean Startup or similar lean principles in order to inform experimentation and maximize value creation.


Dare to Fail

Nothing dampens evolution like fear of failure. At Echo1, we’ve created an environment where failure is not only accepted, but celebrated. Because once you're comfortable with the possibility of failing, your most daring and impactful ideas start to emerge.


Metric System - Objectives & Key Results

Self-organization is not always efficient. A fractal-influenced metric-based system like Objectives & Key Results ensures that our people are happily trodding along the right path.


Consultation Process

Just like a wild eco-system, Echo1 is often full of surprises. Sometimes these surprises come in the form of “forest fires” that impact multiple Movements/Individuals. It is our responsibility as partners of the eco-system to announce clearly our intent even if we eventually decide to start a forest fire! No one should stop what they are doing just because others think it is not right. Conversations and consultation within the eco-system allow each Movement/Individual to leverage CHI to make the best choice possible.


Measure Engagement

We measure engagement frequently using anonymous feedback tools. We distribute this information regularly to our people so that they can decide on how best to act.


Language & Maximizing Freedom

Language is one of the pillars of humanity's success as a species and it is also what makes us uniquely human. Unfortunately, the impreciseness of language is a double-edged sword giving rise to both wonderful happy accidents and bitter arguments. Good communication is key in Echo1. We encourage our people to use language that maximizes freedom - allowing everyone to obtain full expression of ideas.


Push Information, Pull Decisions

Maximizing emergence is key to proper functioning of CHI. By not pushing decisions onto others, our people allow others to surface ideas. Collaboratively set boundaries, share information and watch the magic happen!


Set clear, non-limiting boundaries

To solve any complex problem, we have to set clear boundaries. But our boundaries should allow maximum emergence within its borders, so that ingenious and innovative solutions can emerge naturally.